What do we do?
  • Machine learning

    We build, implement and deploy machine learning models to make our applications smarter.

  • Data Science & Research

    We dig into unstructured datasets and building predictive models, and then turn these into actionable information.

  • AI- Driven Chatbots

    It integrate our applications to offer an optimal customer experience.

  • Products

    AI Face

    Utilizing deep learning technology to generate highly realistic transformations of user face.

    Synthesizing videos that users ace share with friends


  • Face aging
  • Beautiful Smile
  • Gender swap
  • Baby Prediction
  • My Palmistry & Astrology

    Using deep learning to analyze one’s palm to predict his/her character traits, health, career, relationship.

    Applying accurate astrlogy recommendations.


  • Palm Secret
  • Face Analyse
  • Beauty Competition
  • Rate Your Date
  • Smart scan

    Recognizing image text,handwritten and typed text format,translateting them into 20+ languages.

    Identifying more then one hunderd thousand objects.


  • Animals
  • Plants
  • OCR
  • Landmarks